Efthimia Rooms Milos


Room Services:

• All of our rooms have free Wi-Fi and wired Internet connection.
• All rooms are equipped with LCD TVs with digital channels and HDMI ports for your laptop.
• Refrigerator
• Air Condition
• Hair Dryer
• Iron
• Parking


• All clothes, sheets, pillowcases and blankets are washed with Oxygen technology in a laundry factory in Milos.

Room Facilities:

• All rooms are almost identical to each other with small differences in layout and size.
• You can choose between rooms with sea view or castle view in Plaka, the capital of Milos.
• Each room is a double room, with a king size built-in bed and an anatomic mattress. There is also the option of hosting a third (3rd) person (please make sure to inform us in advance).

Extras (Please Call Us First):

• Transport to and from the port or airport.

We Provide Information About:

• Car rental
• Island Cruises
• Which beaches to visit, depending on the wind direction.